Four injured in Friday wreck

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 2004

A wreck early Friday morning in Gantt sent four people to the hospital - with a possible fifth one on the way.

The wreck which happened around 8:02 a.m., at the intersection of Oakey Streak Road and US Hwy. 29 North, involved two pick-up trucks and a late-model Cadillac. One of the trucks, a black late-model Ford F250, was carrying a pregnant woman, already on her way to the hospital for delivery, according to Gantt Police Chief Kevin Owens.

"There were three vehicles involved, a blue Chevrolet pick-up truck, a black Ford F250, and a Cadillac," Owens said. "In one of the trucks, there were two injuries - one of which was a pregnant woman already on her way to the hospital, and a man; in the other truck there was one elderly male with an injury; and then one elderly female injured in the Cadillac."

Although the cause of the accident remains under investigation, Owens said the scene actually looked worse at first appearance than it actually was.

"From looking at the damage, it looks like a pretty bad wreck," he said. "But, there appear to be no serious injuries (at the time the victims were transported). All the victims were transported to Andalusia Regional Hospital."

One of the reasons the injuries didn't appear as severe as they could have been was because of safety precautions in all the vehicles.

"It looks like all the victims were wearing their seat belts," Owens said. "Plus the Ford and Cadillac had airbags that deployed."

The injured victim in the Cadillac could possibly owe a great deal of gratitude to her airbags. From the final resting spot of her car, slammed into an embankment in a ditch, the woman could have faced serious back and spinal injuries - or worse.

"The Cadillac had side impact airbags which deployed, and they probably saved her from more serious injuries," Owens said.

Several agencies responded to the scene of the accident, including the Gantt Fire and Rescue, the Covington County Sheriff's Department, the Andalusia Rescue Squad, and the Heath Fire Department. There were also several good Samaritans who stopped to assist in the efforts, along with wrecker services from Andalusia.

As of press time Friday night, no further details were available on the names or condition of the accident victims.