Letters to the Editor 01-27-2003

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bicycle thief raises loving aunt's ire

Dear Editor:

On the evening of Monday, Jan. 19, an unknown person trespassed onto private property. During this time, this person or persons broke a chain and stole a boy's 20-inch chrome Mongoose bicycle. This bike belonged to my 8-year-old nephew.

I don't know if this was the act of a child or an adult. Parents, I ask that if you see your child riding an unknown bike, please question your child as to where the bike came from.

I am concerned as to the values that are being taught. Someone in Andalusia knows about this incident. And furthermore, people are looking the other way when they see these "small" crimes being committed.

The one who committed this act did not take into consideration 1) Am I hurting anyone by stealing this bike? And 2) Is this wrong?

I will tell you, yes, you hurt an 8-year-old boy who did not ask for this to happen. You also put a damper on the lives of people who live around where this took place. If a person cannot lay his head down at night in fear that his private property will be walked on and personal property taken, you have taken our trust.

Also, yes, this was wrong. Thou shalt not steal!

I would like to ask - does this person have a conscience? Was this done for fun? Was this done because an 8-year-old boy had something you wanted?

Keep in mind, this bicycle was chained to a deck on the side of the house, not in plain view.

Whatever the reason for this horrible act, I hope you find it in yourself to ask for forgiveness. Even though this act makes me sick to my stomach and I refuse to look the other way, I must forgive you, this person who committed this act.

Therefore, I am offering a very healthy reward for the return of this bike in the same condition as when it was taken. If you wish to remain unknown, that is fine. No questions will be asked. I beg of you, please return the bike. Remember, a reward is being given.

I am giving my name and phone number for you, the one who took the bike, or anyone who has information concerning the bike. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless.

Brandi Long



EDITOR'S NOTE: It is normally not the policy of this newspaper to publish the phone numbers of those submitting letters to the editor. The number was published this time at the specific request of the author of the letter.