United Fund needs us all

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 3, 2004

After Christmas, there is a tendency to relax and recover, even when it means facing the incoming holiday bills and forms from the IRS. But the season of giving should never truly end. If we only give blood during the holidays, what would happen to surgery patients in June? If we only gave donations to the thrift stores at Christmas, what would they have to offer in the spring?

There is one way, one very special and important way, to give year-round, and Covington County is getting a second chance to take advantage of it. The Covington County United Fund is extending its deadline for companies, industries and individuals to pledge their commitment to this community. A few dollars out of the paycheck here and there may mean one less cup of coffee a month - or a baseball bat for a player in Florala. A dollar here and there may mean you have to eat hamburger instead of steak once a month, but it may mean warm blankets and clothes for a family burned out of their home. For all you know, that dollar may come back to you in the most unexpected way.

By combining the Opp and Andalusia United Fund agencies, this organization has proven that it truly does care about every single resident of this county. Now it's time for the county and its residents to ante up and return the favor. Some of those who usually give have not been heard from, but we know it is merely a case of being lost in the holiday shuffle. They have not let their people down before, they will not do so now. Many new ones have joined us in our campaign for a better Covington County, and we celebrate their arrival.

If every journey begins with a single step, then every journey to a better way of life begins with a commitment from us all - to us all.

On Monday morning, take part in this commitment. Call the Opp or Andalusia Chambers of Commerce and make your pledges, or turn your pledge cards in. Our residents are counting on it