Christmas dominates merchants#039; breakfast

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 2, 2004

Businesses helping Businesses held their monthly breakfast to discuss ways they could help each other promote their local businesses.

One hot topic at the Tuesday morning breakfast was the upcoming Christmas season. The holidays are fast approaching and the benefits each business can provide the other are limitless.

Vesta Taylor, who organizes the breakfasts, said everyone was focussed on helping each other through this busy time.

"We are ready to gear up the breakfast club for the Christmas season," said Taylor. "We all want to promote each other with the season coming up. Hopefully, we can boost each others sales and really help out."

Tuesday's breakfast was especially helpful with all attendees voicing opinions on what they could to help each other.

"We really had a good talk today," said Taylor. "We are coming up with more and more ideas each time."

Taylor said they discussed many ways they could go the extra mile to help promote local businesses in Greenville.

"We talked about ways we could work together to help our fellow businesses thrive," said Taylor. "For instance, Cracker Barrel talked about how they could work together with other businesses on some things."

Taylor said working together was the goal of the club. She said when businesses have a chance to get together they often discover they have more in common than they may think. They also find ways to work as a group.

"The purpose of this club is to have work of mouth advertising for each other as a circle," said Taylor. "It really works. I have seen the results at Alissa's Closet."

The club plans to add another leg to their breakfasts. Soon they will allow new businesses to host the monthly breakfast in order to present themselves to the club.

"We would really like to start taking turns going down the line and allowing our businesses to host the breakfasts," said Taylor. It would really give them a chance to showcase themselves. Basically, what we can do is when we showcase that business they can promote themselves first hand at the meeting. We can all listen to what they have to offer and what we can do to help them out. It makes it a lot more personal for each business.

The club would also like to welcome other clubs to join in. Though the club revolves around businesses Taylor felt it would be great to have other clubs join.

"Most of the clubs around town have people that run businesses," said Taylor. "We want to be open to everyone. We would really like to see other clubs get involved as well."

For those who wish to learn more about the club please contact Taylor at 382-1911.