Shriners prepare for boil

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 8, 2004

If you like boiled peanuts, Luverne's the place to be this weekend.

The Crenshaw County Shrine Club of Alcazar will host its 33rd annual peanut boil, which is now dubbed the largest peanut boil in the world. Club members and volunteers will begin boiling peanuts today and continue through the Labor Day holiday.

"We have to do something to support the temple and to help children," Dr. William Beall, who is an Ambassador to Alcazar, said. "At one time we had five or six children in Crenshaw County we were helping. Over the past 33 years, we've paid in about $145,000 to the temple and to the hospitals. We support the hospitals as well."

Last year, the Shriners boiled about 16 tons of peanuts and raised approximately $18,000.

"We're able to that much because of volunteers," Beall said.

If you want to purchase boiled peanuts the Shiners will be selling them at the peanut shed on Hwy. 331 north at the intersection of Hwy. 10. Large bags are $5 and small bags are $2.