For the most part, the Labor Day holiday was a relatively peaceful one with routine traffic stops and a minimal of accidents.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 9, 2004

That’s a good sign, especially considering how great the potential for a horrible weekend was.

Traffic was increased greatly not only due to the holiday but also because we had a large contingent of evacuees from Florida taking refuge in our fair city.

Overall, it was simply a peaceful weekend.

We're not sure if the weather had anything to do with the relative peacefulness of the weekend, but we want to commend everyone for being extra cautious and remaining calm in a time of possible danger.

Holiday weekends always have the greatest risk for potential danger and traditionally, Labor Day weekend can be one of the deadliest.

But not this year.

The number of deaths hardly touched the anticipated number.

That's a good thing.

We must not let up, though. Just because extra precautions were taken over the Labor Day weekend doesn’t mean that extra caution can’t be used every weekend, or every day for that matter.

As for our unexpected visitors, they seemed happy with our fair city.

One of the many comments we heard from these poor, unfortunate souls was how nice the people of Greenville had been through it all.

Whether it was holding a door open, giving directions or literally showing someone how to get somewhere, it reflected on our city well.

That's what we do here in the City of Smiles, we take lemons and we make lemonade and our smile is our umbrella.