County gears up to combat Ivan

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 17, 2004

The Butler County Commission discussed what they would do if dangerous conditions struck the county at their Monday meeting.

Commission Chairman Jesse McWilliams said if bad weather comes they would be ready.

"We'll have everything fueled up and we will know where all our employees will be so we will be ready," said McWilliams. "We will just wait and see what it does. We will be as prepared as we can be for something that you can't predict."

Butler County Engineer Dennis McCall said all hands would be on deck.

"We will have all the key employees on call and all others too," said McCall. "We'll have lined and barricades and traffic control devices aligned and ready. That is basically all we can do."

McWilliams said they county was in good shape right now, but if something did happen citizens should be patient.

"We feel like we have everything in order," said McWilliams. "The main thing the public needs to know is we have 45 employees so if something happens where they go will be based on priority."

The Butler County School system has also made plans in case Ivan impacts Butler County. Coordination will be made with other state and local government agencies to include the Emergency Management Agency. In the event of any school closings or need for other information, school system employees will be notified by activation of the school system telephone alert tree.

Local media will be notified upon the decision of any school closing. Butler County School Superintendent Dr. Mike Reed and his staff will ascertain all information about weather and road conditions. Student safety will be the main concern in any decision made about opening or closing schools.

Everything is in a preparatory mode according to Wayne Boswell, administrative assistant to the superintendent.

"We certainly hope that there is no need for school closings, but parents and students are encouraged to listen to the local radio stations for statements from the school system," said Boswell.