Hurricane Ivan reminds us the importance of prayer

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 17, 2004

Hurricane Ivan is bearing down on us and if the current course holds, the storm's very eye will travel over Butler County.

This has the potential to be the strongest storm ever to hit our area and devastation and destruction everywhere is possible.

With that in mind, we offer this advice.

It is advice that has worked well for many in the past and we know it will work well for us now.

At this time of apprehension in the face of the unknown, we believe it is important to spend some time in prayer. We must pray in the face of peril and apprehension and in the face of mighty winds, thunderous sounds, strong rains, and rising waters.

In the face of complete uncertainty, as well as concern for our loved ones, here or elsewhere and the face of our own vulnerable mortality, we seek guidance from God.

Also, we urge everyone if destruction does occur here to have patience in the coming days.

We are a strong community and knowing that we can overcome what Ivan may deliver.

But we have to remain united as one and know that all we do only helps and not deter.

Yes, the next 48 hours are very uncertain, but

we know that will come out a better people.

Like Churchill said, let it be said when we look back on this week, that they can say this was our finest hour.

Be prepared to help and remember &uot;It’s better to light one small candle than to sit and curse the darkness.&uot;