Butler County knocked down, bruised but never broken

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The recovery from Hurricane Ivan remains evident all around us.

Huge piles of debris line the streets and people are slowly returning to the life they had before the storm ripped through.

Yes, there are many still without electricity, but have faith in the people working to restore it.

It is on its way.

Ivan knocked us down in the electrical sector, but we're getting back on our feet again.

City and county services are not at full throttle, they passed full throttle days ago.

Some areas of the city still resemble bombed sectors.

Homes looked bruised and beaten down, but those can be rebuilt and repaired.

We all lived through it so we have that to be truly grateful.

Finally, in the days after the hurricane, people have mobilized.

When it was apparent some rather famous "HELP" agencies were not coming here, we did it ourselves.

Churches came together to prepare meals, neighbors continue to check on neighbors, instead of sitting back whining about help not being here, we are helping ourselves.

That is what makes us unique from other parts of the country.

Why take a handout when we can do it ourselves.

It may be on shaky footing at first, our hands may tremble still from fright, our faces may be smudged from the dirty work, but we will overcome.

We said it last week and we'll repeat it again this week: &uot;It’s better to light one small candle than to sit and curse the darkness.&uot;

God be with us all as we continue our recovery endeavors.