Shoppers buyout local grocery stores

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 28, 2004

As soon as word spread that Hurricane Ivan was headed toward Alabama, the shopping sprees began.

Local stores immediately filled up with shoppers in search of water, ice and non-perishable canned foods. Most knew that the power would go out early and be out for a while, so the essentials were highly sought.

"We got a truckload of water last night and we're trying to keep everything as adequately supplied as we can," Super Foods Owner John Wilson said Wednesday morning prior to Ivan making landfall.

Wilson said business hasn't slowed down since before the storm hit.

"As people's refrigerators and freezers turn back on, they're trying to restock or at least get something in them," Wilson said. "We're still getting in big trucks and trying to get things back on the shelves. Everybody's wanting paper products."

Wilson said the power companies throughout the area did a great job getting power restored at his store, which helped keep residents without power stocked up.

"We were only down at the store for a few short hours," he said. "We were very fortunate. They worked long hours and we appreciate them. We didn't lose anything at the store."

Super Foods wasn't the only grocer bombarded by a wave of customers. Food Fair and Fred's witnessed an overflow of customers as well.

"We were real busy before the storm," Fred's Operations Manager Nathan Lowe said.

"We probably did three times