Road repairs to be completed next week

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 2, 2004

Drivers travelling along Alabama Highway 10 east are advised to use caution. The Alabama Department of Transportation has begun a project to refinish a portion of the road.

The project was put into place to repair a four-mile stretch of the highway that had fallen below par. Upon its completion, the project will have the road back where it needs to be for safe and comfortable travel.

Alabama Department of Transportation Divisions Engineer Randall Estes said the project will cover a small area and should be completed fairly quickly.

"We have a project going east on Highway 10 from the city limits four miles to Highway 31," said Estes.

"The project ends in a community on County Road 43."

Estes said the road would simply be getting a facelift to make sure all problems were corrected.

"We plan to have the road resurfaced," said Estes. "We are actually doing what it known as milling and in that process we will put down asphalt and a new surface on the road."

The roadwork is being done by APAC out of Andalusia. APAC Supervisor Jimmy Kirk said the work is a relatively simple process, which should not take long to complete.

"We are milling, laying binders and replacing the islands," said Kirk. "Then we will put a surface back on it next week."

Kirk said the blockage would take a very short period of time. He said within a week Highway 10 traffic should be flowing along smoother than ever.

"We hope to be done with it sometime next week," said Kirk. "It shouldn't take us too long."

Once the resurfacing is done work will resume to put the final touches on the project such as striping.

In order to get the work done traffic will be slowed again. However, Estes said the project would not hold up traveler's for long. Estes said the entire project should be completed by the end of October.

"The resurfacing should not take very long at all," said Estes. "Two weeks later we will come back and do the centerline and outer striping."

While the roadwork takes place everyone is encouraged to take the proper measure to keep all parties safe. During the repairs it is asked that motorists use caution for their safety and that of the workers by observing warning signs and road markings. It may also be more convenient for motorists to plan a detour to avoid the area completely to keep the workers uninterrupted by traffic.