United Fund kicks off with fall meeting

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 2, 2004

The Butler County United Fund met Wednesday to discuss their future plans. The United Fund, which is an important part of Butler County in many aspects, passed ideas about what they could do to continue to improve the area.

One area the United Fund will continue to focus heavily on is the youth of Butler County. In doing this they pledge a great deal of support to the YMCA. The reason is simple. The YMCA is likely the largest organization in Butler County that deals with the youth. By supporting the YMCA the united Fund feels they are making a wise investment in the children's futures.

Board member Allen Stephenson said they all feel this support is well placed and very important.

"The YMCA has been one of the recipients of the United Fund contributions ever since I have been involved," said Stephenson. "The reason for that is it's work with the youth and because the YMCA is so deeply involved with child care and things like that along with athletics."

Stephenson said the YMCA is there for all children in Butler County regardless of their situation.

"The YMCA never turns a child away because of finances if they can't afford to participate," said Stephenson. "The YMCA always raises funds from places like the United Fund to make sure children can participate. The United Fund has been very generous to the YMCA."

Stephenson said serving on both the United Fund and YMCA boards gave him a chance to see just how well the two can work together.

"Serving on both boards gives me the opportunity to see both the reasons for the fund and the reasons for the YMCA," said Stephenson. "When everyone works together some amazing things get done."

YMCA Executive Director Amanda Phillips said they are very grateful for the help they receive from the United Fund.

"They make a donation every year to the YMCA, which benefits our partners with youth campaign," said Phillips. "This is the campaign we do every year in November to raise money to help with scholarships and financial aid. We also have a team that works with the United Fund to help raise the money. It helps us a lot."

Stephenson said the United Fund will continue to work closely with industry to help bring as many jobs to Butler County as possible.

"I am also involved in the industrial side of it as far as speaking to industrial organizations," said Stephenson. "We hope to once again do well in that area. Of course, all of the money we raise of course stays in Butler County."

Stephenson said the United Fund plans to work hard in the coming year to help the community in every way they can. He said they would continue to help people of all ages and backgrounds.

"We try to help everyone to infants to at risk children all the way to special needs adults," said Stephenson. "The United Fund strives to have a positive impact on all people of Butler County."