Man arrested for 2002 homicide

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 16, 2004

After almost three years the Butler County Sheriff’s Department believes they have the man who killed William Creech.

The arrest was made on Wednesday when Sammie Crenshaw, 22, was scheduled to be released from Kilby Correctional Facility in Montgomery.

Instead of a return home to freedom Butler County Sheriff’s Deputies were waiting to pick Crenshaw up when he was released. Crenshaw had been serving time on drug and robbery charges from an unrelated crime.

Butler County Sheriff Diane Harris said the unsolved murder had always been in the back of her mind.

&uot;It has been in the back of my head since it happened,&uot; said Harris. &uot;You don’t ever forget about something like that. We just kept up with the investigation.&uot;

Harris said she had a great feeling of satisfaction in the fact that she may have the man responsible for the murder in custody.

&uot;I’m just glad today is the day,&uot; said Harris.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Department had worked very closely with the District Attorney to see an arrest was made. After a long search their hard work finally paid off. District Attorney John Andrews said they never gave up hope of solving the case.

&uot;You never give up on something like this,&uot; said Andrews. &uot;You just have to keep working.&uot;

Andrews said it was a good feeling to make an arrest on the case.

&uot;It is certainly a great feeling to have been able to make an arrest,&uot; said Andrews. &uot;We wish we could solve all the others too.&uot;

Andrews credited the arrest to good old-fashioned police work.

&uot;That is exactly what it was,&uot; said Andrews. &uot;A lot of folks just worked very hard on this. They worked hard interviewing people and it paid off.&uot;

Andrews said he feels confident they have the right man.

The crime occurred late January 28 or early January 29 of 2002. During that time it is believed Crenshaw entered the home of William Creech in the Wald Community. Reports say Crenshaw and Creech got into an altercation and during the altercation Crenshaw shot Creech twice in the chest causing his death. After the shooting Crenshaw removed an undisclosed amount of cash and a firearm from the residence.

In a preliminary hearing Thursday Crenshaw was charged with capital murder and denied bond. This is often the case in a capital murder case.

Andrews said Crenshaw chose not to have an attorney appointed.

&uot;He decided to get a lawyer on his own,&uot; said Andrews. &uot;I am sure he will ask for a preliminary hearing before the grand jury.&uot;

Andrew’s said the Butler County Grand jury will likely next meet on March 7.