Hwashin, Hysco still looking for applicants

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 6, 2004

Greenville and Butler County will soon get another employment boost as Hwashin and Hysco prepare to fill more jobs before the new year. Both have been working closely with local employment agencies to get the jobs filled before January. Next week, both kick their searches up a notch in hopes of putting people to work before, or early in 2005.

Lige Clark, Human Resources and General Affairs Manager for Hysco, said his company had been working closely with AIDT to prepare applicants for the needed positions.

&uot;We are working through our AIDT program interviewing and screening and so on for some jobs to begin in the early part of 2005,&uot; said Clark. &uot;That is the hiring process that is going to be going on here next week.&uot;

Clark said they would be working from the job applications handed in to the Greenville employment office. A high number of resumes were received earlier this year giving both companies many options.

&uot;The applications are still being turned in to the employment office here in Greenville beginning with AIDT early this week to go through screening,&uot; said Clark. &uot;We are currently setting up joint interviews with AIDT and Hysco for next week with the applicants who want to be considered for the training class.&uot;

Rhonda Simmons, Human Resources Manager for Hwashin, said they hoped to fill several positions before the new year as well. Simmons said they have been hiring steadily, but there were a number of positions to be filled before January.

&uot;We have been filling jobs all along,&uot; said Simmons. &uot;We have probably about 35-40 positions left throughout the end of the year.&uot;

Hwashin will use basically the same measures as Hysco. In addition, the plant will host a job fair


&uot;We will be having a job fair next Saturday,&uot; said Simmons. &uot;It will be here at the plant on Saturday Nov. 6. It will be from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and will be open for everyone.&uot;

Both companies have already employed several people already. Clark said the first wave of hirings has already taken place.

&uot;The first wave is already done,&uot; said Clark. &uot;We have a total of 27 people with us now. We just finished our time and production studies for each machine and we are working on that now so we aren’t sure of the exact number we will hire yet.&uot;

Simmons said after the current openings are filled Hwashin would go on to the next step.

&uot;We’re just trying to finish up our openings before the end of the year,&uot; said Simmons. &uot;After that, we will start again.&uot;