Racist language must be deleted

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Monday the state had it’s first automatic recount since the recount law was put in place.

Poll workers met early to begin the recount on Amendment 2, which failed by only 1,850 votes, or .13 percent.

It was a close race, but when the recount is complete, the results will probably be pretty much the same.

Amendment 2 was a fairly simple amendment, but it also was one that confused the voting public.

Proponents were saying it would simply remove racist language from our constitution creating a better business environment for the state, while opponents said it would allow judges to increase taxes.

Opponents got their message out and were able to keep the amendment from passing, which is unfortunate.

Alabama’s constitution is already embarrassing in so many ways. It’s by far the longest constitution in the nation, and much of it is outdated, especially the parts that contain segregation-era language.

Gov. Bob Riley has pledged to bring the amendment back before voters, and hopefully this time he can make people fully understand what it’s about.

It wouldn’t allow judges to increase our taxes, but it would make Alabama more appealing to potential businesses as well as the rest of the nation.

We have moved into the 21st Century, and now it’s time to take the state constitution with us.

Most would agree that it’s time to remove this racist language from our constitution, and hopefully the next time it’s on the ballot we will.