Christmas parade a reflection of our people

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Despite the warm weather, Crenshaw County residents came out in full force for the Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce's annual Christmas parade last Saturday.

Although Christmas parades in communities across the nation have fallen to the wayside, locally, we remain a people committed to this annual event.

Our parades continue to grow each year, and it also continues to attract residents from surrounding areas.

The annual Christmas parades are something most of us look forward to every year, and it’s also something that sets us apart from our neighbors.

It takes a lot of hard work from area residents to the many who participate in the parade, but in the end, it is an event the whole family can enjoy, and one we should be proud of.

It was great to see so many people lining the streets of downtown Luverne for the parade, which also helped provide Christmas for needy families.

Anyone who might have been passing through, would have surely saw how well supported these events were. Also, they would have seen communities coming together.

That is something we can be extremely proud of here.

Our communities do come together in times of distress, but also in times of celebration.

So to see all the smiling faces on young and old, truly reflected our people.

So we give our kudos to the organizers of the parade and know that you'll be even better next year.

Christmas parades were also held in Greenville last Thursday night and on Saturday in Georgiana in neighboring Butler County. Next year maybe all the parades can be on different days so we can enjoy each one of them.