Tourism study an eye opening report for area

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 2004

On Monday, the University of Alabama and Georgia Tech presented its findings on a recent in-depth tourism study.

We'd like to touch on a few things that was mentioned in the report.

First. we agree that the entry points into our cities need to be pleasant and appealing.

Whether it is the first Greenville exit or the Georgiana exit, we need to work harder to make it a reflection of who we are.

One thing presenter Dr. Ed Lindsey mentioned was making people want to enter Greenville at one exit and then leave through another.

We shudder to think about that because along the way, visitors would see abandoned homes that in should be torn down.

Despite all the best efforts by city leaders and groups like Main Street, there are buildings downtown that we know the owners will never do anything to improve unless the city enacts an ordinance that forces them to.

Coming into Greenville from exit 130, the Christmas decorations were beautiful, but the one thing that stood out,

was the old Thrifty Inn.

Is that the image we want our visitors to have?

Another thing the report states is that we have to remember that there are more than two exits in Butler County.

We should market and develop Butler County as a whole.

We should all work for prosperity, not just this town or that town.

Finally, the report shows the need for some type of resort for the Cambrian Ridge and Sherling Lake area.

Mayor McLendon has already voiced his desire for such a place and we feel the need is certainly there.

We encourage and city and county leaders to use this information and strive to make the improvements noted in the report.

While it will attract visitors, just imagine how nice it would be for the residents to have a wider selection of eateries, things to do and events to attend.