YMCA offers variety of fitness opportunities

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 2004

According to a recent study conducted by Duke University, 30 minutes of exercise daily can help sedentary people control their weight gain and ultimately put them on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

For Greenville residents, one of the best places to begin their journey to health is at the local YMCA.

A big part of the renovations currently underway at the New YMCA is new fitness facilities.

"Currently, the YMCA has a $100,000 Weight and Fitness center," said Amanda Phillips, executive director of the Greenville YMCA. "We have weights, free weights, weight machines. We have cardiovascular equipment, which is your stair-steppers, treadmills and lifecycles. I also have elipitical machines. I have new dumbbells ordered that will be here this week that are 90, 95 and 100 pounds."

Part of the renovations that took place at the old Greenville Academy was the expanding of rooms.

At the new Y, the fitness center will fill three classrooms that have had the walls removed.

But, for those who are interested in toning the body and aren't excited about the possibilities of pumping iron, Phillips said that the Y will also offer aerobic classes.

"We have aerobic classes that are taught here at Beeland Park 15 times a week," said Phillips. "When we get into the new facility we want to expand not only on our fitness center but the aerobics program. We want to get involved in programs not only for the younger children to fight childhood obesity. We are branch of the Montgomery Y and we are getting involved with a new program called "Silver Sneekers." It's a senior citizen-type aerobic program."

Phillips also plans to bring a massage therapy program to Greenville.

If a participant isn't into aerobics they can participate in one of the different activities that the YMCA will offer.

"We'll have Tae Kwon Do," said Phillips.

"We had wanted to get a wrestling program started this year, but I think we rushed into too quick, but next year we will have the stuff to have a big program. As well as the fitness programs, we will have a new 9,000 ft gymnasium so we want to use that. We also have football, soccer and cheerleading."

The YMCA also offers various afterschool programs for Children both in elementary school and preschool.

Phillips and the staff at the YMCA haven't even had the opportunity to break in the new building, but she is already thinking of ways to make it better.

"We hope by the second year to build a new waterpark, which will be a two-pool complex," said Phillips. "One pool will be primarily a lap pool for swimming lessons and swim team and the other pool will be more for fun with water slides and things of that nature."

Phillips is also looking into the possibility of adding tennis courts to the new facility.

"We haven't mapped out exactly where we would put them just yet," said Phillips.

"But we have nearly 20 acres of land over there to use. So finding a place isn't going to be a problem."

And for those out there who just want to come out and play, starting in either February or March, construction will begin on a brand new $80,000 handicapped accessible playground.

"We are talking with the contractors now about getting that built," Phillips said.

"Hopefully it will begin in March."

If anyone is interested in joining programs offered by the Greenville YMCA, there is a $100 fee. But, according to Phillips, around the second or third week of January, they will be running a special in which the $100 fee is waved and it will only cost the first month's dues. Dues are $40 for a family, $30 for a couple and $20 for youth.

If there are any questions, please call the Greenville YMCA – 382-0550.