Remember holiday spirit

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 3, 2005

The problem with today's society is most people are too worried about themselves.

What can I do for myself?

How can I better myself?

Although there's nothing wrong with buying a new outfit to help better your image or by working hard in hopes of a promotion, one should keep in mind that there are people and families that can't worry about those type things. They are too worried about the necessities in life.

What will we eat tonight?

How can we pay the bills?

With the holidays quickly approaching, everybody should remember that it's a time to give to those less fortunate and a time to help people in their times of need. The holidays are a time to give back to a community that has helped you succeed in what you do.

It's easy to help.

You can do so by donating a non-perishable food item to a local charity or church food drive or by flipping your loose change into the Salvation Army's bucket when you enter a department store to shop for Christmas gifts. Just remember when you see the bell ringer and ponder the thought of ducking in another entrance that there are families out there struggling just have a holiday dinner, while you plan a shopping spree at the local mall.

Another way of helping is by contacting your county Department of Human Resources and offering your assistance. The department is in constant contact with Santa and his elves and could use your help getting all the Christmas wish lists to them on time. You can do this by donating money or toys, which will be given to the Jolly Ole' Fat man to deliver Christmas Eve.

The holidays are also a time for families and friends to forgive and forget. A time to erase all the bad memories from the previous year and start over from scratch.

Everyone has disagreements, but this time of year is intended to be joyful. So forget the arguments and hurtful thing that have been said and move on. It's not worth losing a family member over.

So when you enter your loved one's homes during the holidays, remember the ones that need you and forgive the ones who have hurt you.

Christmas will be a lot more joyous for you and your loved ones when you live the spirit of the season.

Adam Prestridge is editor of The Luverne Journal. He can be reached at

335-3541 or

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