A new moment in time…

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 6, 2005

Is hard to believe, but Saturday, we celebrated the arrival of the second half of the first decade of the 21st century.

Now that the parties are over and the ball has dropped and resolutions made, let us take time to reflect on the value of time.

There is no doubt that time should never be squandered and it will always leave behind those who waste it.

Reflect on the unrealized dreams and aspirations that is the topic of discussion at this time of year, but by February, they're forgotten. We procrastinate, the years manage to slip away with only a cursory glance.

In the grand scheme of things, Jan. 1 is really no different than the other 364 days on the calendar. It is today, that followed yesterday and it stands between us and tomorrow. Yet, because New Year's is the first day on the calendar, it is special.

Now, we are on day five and with each passing day our experience increases, as does wisdom.

We also learn, if we're lucky, not to repeat past mistakes.

So that is why in these first few days of the new year dreams are more grand and brighter and our future is renewed.

Each day until Jan. 1, 2006 offers potential memories, some that will be good, others that will be bittersweet.

So here we are with a clean slate.

So we encourage all to renew relationships, forgive grievances and strengthen your family and community bonds. Go on the diets, quit smoking or dreaming, exercise more, reorganize your closets and cupboards and do so and stick with it.

New Year's Day 2006 is only a heartbeat away in the grand hourglass of time.

Happy New Year!