Hayneville Middle School #039;Ready to Rumble#039; tonight

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 8, 2005

Are you ready for the main event?

The Faith in Action Outreach Ministry and Probate Judge John Hulett have scheduled the first wrestling match in several years to be held at the Hayneville Middle School this Saturday.

"We used to have them here though someone else was running them," he said.

"They stopped about 10 years ago. As I recall they used to pack a gym with people."

Hulett said board members of the Faith in Action Outreach Ministry (FIAOM) were required to raise funds for the cause and he decided to try and bring the wrestling matches back.

"If we can get 300 people to come we can do this every month and that will help the ministry a lot," said Hulett who is the chairman of the board of FIAOM.

"Our ministry tries to help people in any way possible."

"People come to use for information, help in writing grants and anything we can do. "

"This wrestling match will not only raise funds and help us help people but will also give people an option for something to do for entertainment."

The match will be put on by Dynamite Promotions and is called SouthEastern Extreme Wrestling.

Headliners for the show include a former E.C.W. Superstar, the Backstreet Brawler, and the Mystery Person.

Other matches will feature Big John Harley vs. Death Row, Terminal Velocity, the Fugitive, Big Daddy, Johnny 8-Ball, Blackheart, Rouge, Ms. Teri and The Irish Blade Tommy Ladd.

"We've been trying to get a wrestling match for some time," Hulett said.

"I found these people on the Internet. They're professionals out of Dothan. They'll bring their own equipment and the do their own publicity. They furnished the fliers and we sent them home with all the children under five since it's free for them."

Doors at the middle school gym open at 7 p.m. with matches starting at 8 p.m. Admission is $6 with children under 5 free.

"All proceeds from the event including concessions will go to our ministry and help us help others," Hulett said.

FIAOM meets the third Monday for every month in the Orchard Healthcare board room. The January meeting was held earlier this month due to the wrestling event.