It#039;s EXTREME!!!

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Forget about Monday Night Raw, on Saturday night, the people of Hayneville got a taste of professional wrestling live and in living color. Southeastern X-treme Wrestling took over the Hayneville Middle School gym and gave the folks their money's worth.

The show was sponsored by Faith in Action Outreach Ministry as a way to raise funds for Lowndes County.

Despite the small crowd of around 60, the event made $600 according to John Hulett, Probate Judge of Lowndes County.

"We are going to try to do it monthly, they get part of the gate, we get all of the concessions. We're not worried about money the first time. Instead of making money, we are just trying to provide some decoration, something for people to do more than anything else."

Fans who were at the Saturday event heard about two of the matches that are going to be booked for the Feb. 19, show.

Big Daddy and Blackheart will challenge Terminal Velocity for the World Tag Team Championships and Hangman will fight the Executioner in a mask versus mask no disqualification match.

"I enjoyed it," said Hulett. "They were just not as many people there as I had hoped, but it will pick up the next one. The people had a good time though. And the guys from SXW were ready and willing to book the next show."

He also saw this as a learning experience and has already thought of ways to improve.

"I think we are going to try to sell tickets in advance," said Hulett.

"I've got a committee working for me and we are going to do some advertising on the radio. We got the stuff to the radios about a month, but it wasn't ran that much."

Despite not knowing about the product, Hulett was impressed with what he saw.

"They did a lot better than I thought they would be doing," said Hulett. "I thought they did an excellent job."

Saturday's event, dubbed "New Year's Bash" on the SXC website kicked off when the newly crowned tag team champions, Terminal Velocity,

Mark Weiss and Dustin Michaels and their partner "Real Deal" Joseph Godwin, took the ring and called out the members of the Death Valley Crew, Big Daddy, Blackheart and Tommy Ladd.

Like any televised event, the first segment set up one of the main events. After both teams trash talked each other, it was time for the actual wrestling to start.

The first match of the night was the classic size versus lack there of when the 175 lb Junkyard Joe took on the well-over 400 lb Avalanche.

Both men battled in the ring with Joe actually knocking the Avalanche down.

"That 480 lb sucker got his butt whooped all over that ring," said Junkyard Joe. "I don't know what these people in Hayneville think about that, but I know I want be coming back to this hole anymore."

Joe had momentum working in his favor until a kick to the big man's midsection resulted in Joe's shoe getting caught in the shirt of his opponent.

"When you have a shirt on that's as big as a flag," said Joe. "I thought I had won the match because he was cheating with his shirt. He said I was cheating with the chair, but I think I won the match."

This changed the momentum of the match. It also caused Avalanche to buckle his knee. When Joe returned, however, he returned with a metal chair that he used to strike his opponent in the back with and then blast him over the head earning a disqualification.

"We started the match off with a power struggle and I had to show him what I could do. But when you take the legs out from under a big man what can he do," said Avalanche.

Avalanche had to be helped to the back by the referee and members of the security team.

Tommy Ladd posted a victory in the night's second match over the Grappler. The Executioner wrestled the Hangmanin the night's third match.

In this match it was clear that the Execution had something up his sleeve, but the referee could never find it despite the fans and the Hangman telling him where to look.

The Executioner kept the pace of the match very slow and deliberate until the very end when he stuffed a foreign object into his mask and delivered a monster headbutt to his opponent, knocking him out for the three count. After the Executioner's hand was raised in victory, he was confronted by a very unhappy Hangman.

"I'll tell you something boy," said the Hangman.

"You had something up your mask, I know your head ain't that hard.

But, next time we come to Hayneville, Ala., I want a no disqualification, mask versus mask match. No DQ, anything goes from your head to your toes."

The Executioner agreed to the stipulation.

"I knew the whole match that the guy had something," said the Hangman in a post-match interview. "But, you know, the referee is always blind. But the people knew when he had something. I knew the dude had something. Cause nobody's head is that hard."

The Hangman took the microphone one more time.

"I want about two more minutes with you boy," said the Hangman who jumped back into the ring and started wailing away on the Executioner.

In the next match, Showtime and Just Enough defeated Joy Killer and the Dude.

Dangerous Donnie came to the ring for the fifth math of the night to face the up and coming Johnny 8-Ball.

While the Dangerous One tried to cheat to win, it was ultimate 8-Ball that picked up the victory.

"He got lucky because he kicked me in the stomach and that's already cheating because I wasn't ready for it, and I dropped my chair," said Dangerous Donnie.

Following an intermission, there were only two matches left on the card – the two main events.

The first was for the SXW heavyweight championship currently held by Big John Harley. His opponent was the man with red flames cut into his head, Death Row. Both men in this match were well over 300 lbs and were taller than 6'5" but the extra height and weight didn't stop the action.

"I just had to come on out there and put him in his place," said Harley. "I'm the biggest thing going in SXW today."

Death Row stood toe to toe with the champion, but after a very physical match that went outside of the ring. Death Row leaped over the top rope and down onto his opponent on the floor.

But, Harley was able to with stand the attack of his opponent and retain his title.

It was finally time for the main event of the night, Terminal Velocity and Joseph Godwin took the ring to settle an old score with the members of the Death Valley Crew. But, instead of the current DVC, they got the original DVC.

Big Daddy, Blackheart and Luke Goldberg, younger brother of WWE's Bill Goldberg, took to the ring in the no disqualification six-man tag team match.

The action was fast and furious in the ring and then outside of it. Michaels and Blackheart fought into the stands where Blackheart was busted open.

Goldberg and Godwin worked in the ring and then Big Daddy and Weiss battled outside the ring.

"Before Christmas we worked a show up in Taylor, Ala where they took the belts from us in the first ever ladder match," said Big Daddy. "We brought back Luke Goldberg who was one of the original members of the DVC when it first started back in 1999. It's been building up to this six-man tag."

Street signs, baking pans, a chair and a barbed wire baseball bat were all used in the match.

But, when it was all said and done, the heels of the match, the DVC picked up the victory.

They also were confronted by one of the legends of independent wrestling – Lord Humongous.

Standing 7'3" the big man stalked his way through the gym, scaring little children in the process.

Goldberg proved to be no match for the big man as he easily chokeslammed the former University of Georgia Bulldog.

"There was no chance, you could tell he's a lot bigger than I was," said Goldberg.

"I came up to his chest. I haven't been thrown around like that by too many people. We've butted heads before but it takes a man to take him down."

The fans in Hayneville also got to see an additional match. The Backstreet Brawler issued and open challenge to anyone in the back to come and face him. Blackheart answered the call.

"I'm man enough to stand up to the Brawler, that's why I answered the call," said Blackheart.

The two fought all over the gym. Brawler threw his smaller opponent into the bleachers and into the wall. He even threw him out of the gym and into the brisk Hayneville night outside the gym.

"I was thinking the poor boy had done lost his mind when he answered the challenge," said Brawler.

When the two entered back into the gym, Brawler hit his opponent with a trashcan filled with garbage, a street sign and a ukulele.

He did all this before suplexing him through a table.

The Brawler took his opponent back into the ring and got the three-count victory.

But was attacked by the Death Valley Crew at the end of the match.

The event was sponsored by FIAOM of Hayneville. FIAOM's mission is to focus on Economic Development in the tourism related cottage industries and develop a rural business incubator to serve the small business owner here in the county.

"We are putting our information up in churches and letting them know what's going on and who we are," said Hulett.

FIAOM was formed in March of 2001 by the First Missionary Baptist Church of Hayneville to forge a "faith" based Community Development Coporation to addrest the plight facing the residents of Hayneville. The organization is developing strategies that call for partnerships and collaborations between communities, churches, other non-profits, local, state and federal governments to address and bring solutions to the systemic cause of poverty.

The Faith in Action Outreach Ministries office is temporarily located in the basement of the Charles Smith Courthouse Annex located on Tuskeena Street in Hayneville. Office Hours are set from 9-4:30 Monday-Friday.