Troubled Citizens

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 14, 2005

The consensus in the Highland Home community is concern.

The small northern Crenshaw County town is worried about the future of its volunteer fire and rescue department, which also provides transport services to those in need.

A couple of weeks ago, Highland Home Volunteer Fire and Rescue officials announced that it might have to shut down its transport services within the next 10 months when it's operator's license expires in August if they don't see an increase in volunteers. If they are forced to shutdown transports, next on the chopping block could be the fire and rescue department as a whole.

Betty Vassas, who was found shopping at Dollar General, believes residents need to answer the fire departments cries for help.

"We don't want it to shutdown," she said. "We need it. We need everybody to make a special effort to keep it."

Lou Larson expressed disappointment over the matter.

"It's a shame that they're having trouble, but I don't know what to do to help them," she said.

Although many of the residents of Highland Home are elderly and unable to help, they are also asking for help, so the services they depend on will continue.

"We sure need to keep the rescue squad," Lucille Warren said. "Luverne can't handle it all."

Mark Tidwell believes hiring one fulltime person would be one solution to the problem.

"I know everybody has to work in Montgomery," he said. "They could look into the possibility of hiring one fulltime person."

Lapine resident Keeshundra Means Roberson said she would volunteer if she could.

"It's helpful to have a department in Highland Home because my grandfather used them a lot of times because he had seizures," she said.

If you would like to volunteer call Richard Jordan at 537-4794.