County investigators arrest two on drug charges

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 20, 2005

Investigators with the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Department arrested two individuals in separate incidences on Tuesday night for possession of drugs and other drug-related paraphernalia, according to Chief Investigator Ronnie White.

Eric Crenshaw, 28, of Glenwood, and Wesley Wendler, 44, of Navarre, Fl., were each detained during traffic stops by the CCSD. Crenshaw was charged on two counts - possesion of marijuana and attempting to flee. Wendler was charged with possesion of a controlled substance.

Both men are currently in custody at the Crenshaw County Jail.

White pulled Crenshaw over for a routine traffic stop on Montgomery Highway when he noticed a headlight out on the black BMW the suspect was driving.

"I noticed the strong smell of marijuana and asked the suspect if he had anymore in the car. I then asked him to step out side of the car," said White.

As he was attempting to handcuff the suspect, Crenshaw broke free and tried to flee, said White. After a brief footrace and warnings by White to stop, White was forced to subdue Crenshaw with a Taser.

Another man, Kevin Ezell, was riding with Crenshaw but was allowed to leave the scene after telling investigators he worked at Sister Schubert's Homemade Rolls, Inc., near where the traffic stop occurred. Investigator Robin Daniels arrived and followed the man's trail where he found a half-a-pound bag of marijuana. Investigators are currently searching for Ezell.

The sheriff's department also seized the black BMW.

Wendler was stopped heading south on Highway 331 for speeding. Investigators asked for permission to search Wendler's car and it was granted. A K-9 unit also responded to the call. Investigators found two bags with marijuana residue, a pipe, and methamphetamine.