Tigers maul Panthers, 100-40

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 20, 2005

The first time Greenville and Georgiana shared the court the game ended with the Tigers missing a three pointer at the buzzer holding them to a 97-25 victory. Saturday, the Tigers got their 100, defeating the Panthers 100-40.

"There is nothing I can about the game, but I am a little perturbed with the coach," said Derek Roberts, coach of the Georgiana Panthers. "They had us beat at the half and he continued to press and that is to me in my opinion a coach without class. If you are up by that much, and it's clear that the game is over at the half, then just drop back. If you beat me like that, then you beat me. But to run the score up like he did, that's no class."

The Tigers took the court and pushed ahead early, but they also got into foul trouble early. Georgiana was shooting bonus free throws before the second quarter had even began. Emotions were a factor in the first quarter as well, Greenville coach Randy Fullington was given a technical foul after debating with an official, but the Panthers were unable to capitalize on the freebies.

Rashad Knight and Devoski McMeans both tacked on three pointers to push the lead to 24-11.

The physicality of the game continued in the second half when the Tigers brought their team foul total to 15.

The press worked for Greenville early in the game, Isiah Mack forced a steal that he turned into a slam dunk swelling the Tiger lead to 26-12.

Georgiana's Pee Joe McMeans was called for a foul and sank one of the freebies, but a three pointer from right of the wing by McMeans put them back up by 16, 29-13.

A Panther free throw and a Tiger basket by Josh Hawkins pushed the lead to 17, 31-14.

Kenny Peterson cut through the Tiger defense and posted a lay-in basket, 31-16. The Tigers quickly pushed their lead to out of reach to the tune of 41-20.

McMeans was whistled for a technical foul, giving him four in the half and Isiah Mack was whistled for a foul after being accused of hanging onto the rim after a dunk.

Both plays resulted in Panthers scoring baskets at the free throw line to slowly chip away at the lead, but they could only cut it to 24 points.

The Tigers used a run to end the half with a score of 47-22.

"There was no question that they were outmatched, we just wanted to make sure that we played hard and played Greenville basketball despite our competition," said Fullington. "We had the opportunity to work on some things during the game that we don't get to work and to try to perfect some things defensively. I think our guys did a good job maintaining their composure and getting better in some area's that we needed to improve on."

At the end of the first half, both teams had their key players in foul trouble. for Greenville, McMeans had four fouls and both of the Tigers big men had two fouls each. Georgiana's Jamie Williams had three fouls and McMeans had two fouls.

In the second half, the Tigers pushed a 25-point halftime lead into a 60-point victory.

"My guys did well under the circumstances and I'm not mad with them," said Roberts. "We played 100 percent better to me and I'm really proud of my team the way they stood up and played the game. It's possible you can get better playing up because you can get ready for 2A basketball. The first game we played we won against W.S. Neal then we played them the second game and it kind of knocked my guys back and made them feel that they are not that good. I feel that we will be better next year and it will be a better game. We know what each can do and can't and we'll play them again next year."

At the end of the third quarter, the Tigers were securely in control with a 69-28 lead. Fullington played all of his players, during the game.

"To me he just humiliated my boys," said Roberts. "If you beat a team you beat them, but if you beat a team like they did my boys, that's no class. He did the same thing the first game, he said he took it easy, I'm not the best coach and I know that, it was evident that the game was over at halftime, but he continued to press and you just don't do things like that. My personal opinion is that he has no class at all and that's just the way I feel about it, and it will come back to haunt him sometime.

Knight spotted up as time ticked down and drained a three-pointer to put 100 on the board.

Before the Tigers took the court against the Panthers, they played host to Hillcrest-Evergreen.

The last time the Tigers faced the Jaguars, Hillcrest posted the victory, but the Tigers were minus McMeans.

Friday night, the game was the same song only a different verse when the Tigers were at full strength but the Jags were without one of their big men due to a suspension at school.

"They were so quick and so athletic that they were still able to play a good game, said Fullington. "We shot the ball very poorly and our defense kept us in it and we were able to maintain a 13, 14, point lead. They made a good run but we were able to maintain our composure."

McMeans proved to be the leading scorer with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Knight tacked on 23 points, Curtis Fields finished with eight points and 14 rebounds and Mack finished with 11 points.

Both Greenville and Georgiana are on the road this weekend. Greenville will look to clinch their area this weekend with a road trip to Carroll (Ozark) on Friday and then to Eufaula on Saturday.