Butler County BOE: Waste no time!

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Mike Reed is a competent school superintendent whose leaving for the Hartselle City Schools System presents both challenges and opportunities for the fast growing Butler County School System. The next leader should be a capable administrator who can guide the county's school system beyond educational mediocrity in a state and region increasingly diverse and strapped for school funding. The new superintendent should build on Reed's solid legacy by showing more political daring, opening the system's decision-making culture, involving schools more in shaping the community and strengthening opportunities all students.

Reed came into the job under another school board administration and has been working under the auspices of another board voted in four years ago. There has been progress including the Pre-K program, community education center and most recently the announcement that students can participate in distance learning this fall.

Reed's successor will inherit both the progress he has made and the unfinished business he leaves.

The new chief must instill a greater sense of urgency, and feel comfortable as the public face of an institution that is the county's largest employer.

Now for the fourth time in 10 years, our school board must find a new superintendent.


understand the desire to do a national search but we also know that our school system desperately needs someone who will have some longevity once in place and the support of the full board.

Now is not the time to make a quick hit decision because doing such would be foolish and a disservice to the children of Butler County. If the best candidate is already in the system, then we have

won half the battle.

Now is not the time for board members to act in their own interests..

Now is the time to remember why you were elected and find the best leader possible for this school system and then support them with every ounce of energy you have in your being.

The public will be watching your actions in the coming days and months with the utmost interest for you are dealing with its children.