Some advice for the search

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 3, 2005

The next superintendent of the Butler County will walk into a stronger system than the outgoing superintendent found on his arrival. That is not to say the next superintendent will have an easy task.

On the contrary, their task will be more difficult.

We would encourage the board to act quickly but wisely on choosing Dr. Reed's replacement.

If that means naming an interim superintendent, then so be it.

While we understand their desire to conduct the search themselves, we believe the schools would be better serve if an educational consulting firm be contracted to do the search.

The school board doesn’t have an easy task. The recruiting, interviewing and choosing of the right candidate is a task that will take time and patience. This is an extremely important position to our community and especially to the county.

We ask the board to take their time in this process and make the best decision possible. We ask that they get on the same page as to what they want as far as credentials and attitude and not settle for a candidate that does not meet both standards.

Our hope is that Butler County puts an outstanding person in charge of their schools. Someone who will make decisions based on what is best for the school, its employees and most importantly the students.

They should make sound fiscal responsibility, but they should also have the ability to be an outstanding cheerleader for the schools. Finally, the the next superintendent should plan to have some longevity in the system.

The groundwork for a bright future has been laid in our school system but we know that we need someone to now take us to that next level of accountability, respectability and achievement.