Ways to say ‘I love you’ to seniors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 9, 2005

We live in a very youth-oriented culture these days. Older people are often overlooked or ignored, as if gray hair, wrinkles and bifocals make them &uot;personas non grata&uot; in our society.

Yet in many other cultures, old age is something to be respected and honored. This Valentine’s Day, why not consider encouraging your children to honor the seniors in their lives – grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, elderly neighbors and friends?

The following are some ideas on how younger and older children can show their love to the special seniors in their lives. Many would work perfectly for Valentine’s Day, but they could also be used for birthdays, other holidays – or just to celebrate the relationship between the generations. The important is to make them feel loved, honored and appreciated!

*Cross stitch a special sign for grandpa’s office or simply draw it with crayons and markers and have it framed.

*Write a special prayer of thanks for your grandparents, then send it to them.

*Laughter is good for the soul.

Send your grandparents a funny book, video or tape they can enjoy together.

*Decorate a plain vinyl placement for your grandma, with something such as &uot;The best Grandma in the world in sitting here.&uot;

*Cut paper hearts out of red construction paper and tie string or ribbon to them. Tape them to your grandparents’ kitchen doorway as a reminder of how much you love them.

*Love is an action word. Show your grandparents you care by doing something to help them, like vacuuming their carpets or cleaning their oven.

*Take a small slip of paper and write a message of love on it. Fold it up and slip inside a deflated balloon. Send it to your grandparents. Tell you have a special message for them, but they will have to blow up the balloon and break it to discover it!

*Clean the inside of your favorite senior’s car. Leave a love note inside.

*Present your grandma with a fluffy feather boa and a &uot;diamond&uot; tiara and tell her she’s the queen for the day!

*Spontaneously hug your grandparents.

*Give Grandma a manicure and paint her nails Valentine’s Day Red.

*Play a game of dominoes or checkers with Grandpa.

*If your grandma has been feeling ill or has the blues, give her a small, cuddly stuffed animal. You’re never too old for a cuddly stuffed toy!

*If your grandparents don’t get out much due to health reasons, take them for a ride in the country on a pretty day.

*Visit with your grandparents. As they talk, listen with both your heart and your ears. Let them talk and really listen to what they have to say. A caring, listening ear is one of the greatest gifts any person can give to another.