Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 12, 2005


fire chief

By Kevin Pearcey

The Brantley Town Council approved a resolution on Monday night to name the building that houses the volunteer fire department after fire chief Harry Driggers.

If anyone deserved such an honor, said Mayor Bernie Sullivan, it was Driggers.

"He's constantly working for our fire department and he's saved our constituents no telling how much money," said Sullivan of Driggers, who has devoted his efforts to the Brantley VFD for over a decade.

Town manager Larry Morgan echoed the mayor's comments.

"Harry is just a tireless public servant for our town," he said. "Our fire department is on par with some cities and it's completely volunteer. It's because of Harry."

In other business, Councilman Lorey Bogen raised concerns that surveillance cameras used by the town's housing authority may be violating the public's privacy.

The cameras are placed by the housing authority and are used to deter theft and secure residents against criminal activity. However, Bogen said the cameras see much more than that.

"Some people who live around where the housing projects are have come to me with concerns that their privacy has been invaded," he said. "I've seen what the cameras are looking at and, yes, you can see other places of residence besides the houses in the projects. I can understand their concerns because I certainly wouldn't want a camera looking at my home."

Councilman Brian Morgan suggested asking to have the camera angles changed to a tighter shot of just those houses within the housing authority's jurisdiction. Mayor Bernie Sullivan agreed and said the council would consult with the housing authority on having the cameras adjusted.

The council also:

n Approved a resolution to apply for a $350,000 grant for the purpose of providing water and sewage to the future Helispec plant. The plant is currently located in the old Meredith Factory on Foster Street. The new plant will be located at the Brantley Air Strip. Construction is scheduled to begin within the next few months. The city's contribution to provide water and sewage to the plant will be $85,000.


In its next meeting the council will look into the adoption of a town National Flood Insurance Ordinance. Brantley has very few residents who live in a flood plain, according to Morgan, but he said this ordinance is a requirement by the federal government so that those who do live within the designated area can acquire flood insurance.


Appointed Tia Compton to the town's Library Board.