Hospital takes part in #039;Wear Red#039; day

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 12, 2005

The staff of the Crenshaw County Hospital joined forces with the American Heart Association last Thursday to help promote the fight against the nation's 'No. 1 Killer of Women' - heart disease.

Employees at CCH and other Alabama hospitals donned red shirts as part of the association's 'Wear Red' day, said CCH Public Relations Director Bonnie Trotter, to help raise awareness in women about the dangers of cardiovascular disease, a condition that causes the deaths of over 500,000 women per year.

"The symptoms and causes of heart disease are numerous," said Trotter. "Obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure."

Hardening of the arteries leads to heart attacks, which can be caused by high blood pressure. Edema, or swelling of the feet, and a condition found in the lungs called pulmonary congestion, can cause heart failure. Also, strokes, (clogging or ruptures of a blood vessel) are common.

Trotter said women, as well as all adults and children, should seek to include some sort of exercise session in their plans each day.

"Most people live such sedentary lifestyles these days, working at computers and then coming home to watch television," she said. "Exercise and a good diet are essential towards heading off heart disease."

Along with 'Wear Red' day the hospital also supports an annual 'Heart Walk.' Similar to Relay for Life, the Heart Walk is held in the months of either August or November and participants meet at Luverne's E.L. Turner Park.