Take this week to prepare for severe weather

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 12, 2005

It is easy to say that we'll remember the weather of 2004 because of the way we were hit by Hurricane Ivan.

But in the "big picture" Ivan plays only a small part of our weather lives here in Butler County.

Each year during the spring months, our area is often hit by severe thunderstorms.

We usually have good luck and rarely have damage or the loss of life.

Since the 1890s, there have been approximately 12 people killed in Butler County in tornadoes.

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, so does our ability to predict where the storms will occur and what path they'll take.

But with these capabilities, there is little to save a person who has not planned for the severe weather.

We know this week that our area's nursing homes, hospitals and schools will practice a drill.

But we want everyone to create and implement a plan of action at their homes or businesses.

We even suggest you have a plan of action if you are in your vehicle when severe weather strikes.

The drill is planned for Wednesday pending cooperative weather.

Television and radio stations will send an alert as if the real thing is happening.

Heed the warning and take cover.

As Ivan approached us last September we were amazed at how we all took the necessary precautions to keep safe.

Now, we ask that we do the same in case of other severe weather.

We pray that no one will have to use their plan but we also know that at some point, with Alabama's unstable weather, that plan might just save a life.

So be prepared.