Extreme Wrestling returns to Hayneville

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Southeastern Championship Wrestling returned to Hayneville Middle School Saturday night with some new faces and some old faces but were still able to have the audience involved in most of the matches.

Big Daddy of the Death Valley Crew hit the ring to open the show and immediately called out the tag team champions Terminal Velocity.

One half of the champions answered the call. Dustin Michaels brought both belts to the ring and the main event was set up. Big Daddy, whose partner Blackheart was no where to be found, challenged Michaels, who's partner Mark Weiss was rumored to have left SEW for greener pastures, to a one-on-one, no disqualification match for the World Tag Team championship.

After both parties cleared the ring, the first match of the night was set to begin. The Grappler and American Ice hit the ring and wrestled to a 15-minute draw. After much pleading with the referee, the Grappler got the match restarted, but the ending had the same result as earlier, except this time both men were knocked down as a result of a double-clothesline and neither was able to answer the referee's 10-count resulting in another draw.

The second match was a no-disqualification three-way-dance. It was Jinx the Joykiller taking on Showtime and Justin Nuff.

Showtime and Justin Nuff are also tag team partners, so the match started out with the team double-teaming their opponent. Things went south for the team from there as the desire to win the match eventually had them battling each other.

The match ended when Showtime landed an elbow drop from the top rope onto Justin Nuff who had already gotten a two-count on Jinx. Showtime pinned both opponents and picked up the victory.

After the match, the former tag team partners aired their grievances and Showtime was left laying on the floor of Hayneville Middle School gym thanks a chokehold by Justin Nuff.

The third match of the night was a non-title match as Rouge took on Tommy Ladd. Ladd, who is a member of the Death Valley Crew had help from outside the ring all through the match and ultimately lost the match with his Light-Heavyweight Championship belt.

Ladd struck Rouge with the belt to notch the disqualification.

The DVC started triple-teaming the fallen Rouge until Michaels hit the ring again, but eventually the numbers were in the favor of the DVC.

Mr. America hit the ring and cleared house and then challenged Tommy Ladd to a Light-Heavyweight Championship match next month in Hayneville.

After a 15 minute intermission, the music hit once again and it was time for the first of two main events.

Big Daddy came to the ring representing the DVC and Michaels came to the ring with the tag titles. But, Blackheart made an appearance and the one-on-one match turned into a two-on-one match for the tag championships that the DVC won.

After the match, the DVC proceeded to beat on the fallen Michaels until Rouge hit the ring and cleared house with a chair setting up a tag title match for next month's Hayneville show.

In the final match of the night, the Backstreet Brawler took to the ring in a career versus mask match against the Executioner.

The match was very slow but also used nearly every square inch of the gym. Pans, cookie sheets and chairs were used in the match as well as both wrestler's going two rows deep into the stands before finally coming back to the floor. The match was made with the premise that the executioner blinded the Hangman with fire so the Brawler filled in for his buddy.

Saturday's match ended when the Executioner threw a ball of fire into the face of the Brawler. The SEW commissioner came out and disqualified the Executioner. When Brawler returned to his feet, a match was set up for the next show in Hayneville.

Brawler will face the Executioner in a barbed wire, ladder match.

All proceeds from Saturday's show went to benefit FIAOM.