Alabama constitution still needs major revision

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 28, 2005

Alabama constitution still needs major revision

Alabama's 1901 constitution is the longest in the nation with more than 700 amendments, and that is just way too much. Alabama also has a constitution that is probably more outdated than any other state, and that's just ridiculous.

A proposed bill, if approved in a statewide referendum, would call for a constitutional convention.

There is certainly a need for such a convention, and it needs to be done by the people of Alabama, not special interests groups.

There is much room for improvement in the state's current constitution. It contains racist language, and it does not allow government to operate efficiently.

It's obvious that we don't need to keep adding amendments to make it work. We just need a new constitution that reflects the core values of Alabamians and allows for growth and change.

A convention made up of the people of Alabama, selected by the people of Alabama would allow us to do just that.

We commend the Legislature for introducing this bill. Hopefully, it will pass and then the people of Alabama, not the lobbyists like John Giles and Paul Hubbert and other porkers, will have their chance to decide the fate of the state's constitution.

If we can't do this one simple thing, then we should shut the state's government down and let Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee break up the state and annex it.