There are few causes more worthy

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 28, 2005

No one is immune. No one is excluded. It doesn't care how rich or poor you are or where you come from. Cancer is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Tuesday Butler County joined the fight against one of the top killers in the world as the annual Relay For Life kicked off at the YMCA.

The program seeks to raise funds to support research into combating this devastating illness. There are few causes more worthy than this.

Cancer does not just affect one life; it affects an entire family.

Treatments, though seeing some success, are painful and debilitating. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause extreme health problems including nausea and vomiting, low white cell blood count, anemia, low platelet count, lysis syndrome, kidney damage, lung damage, liver damage, heart damage and damage to the veins.

There is a better way to cure this disease, but only time, research and money will find it.

Last year residents of Butler County dug deep into their pockets and came up with more than $100,000 to help in the fight. It's time to do it again.

The cure is out there and we must be vigilant in our struggle.

We cannot say, "Someone else will give the money this year," or "I'll never have to worry about it," or "I don't have the money."

You cannot afford to not give to this cause.

This is a global problem that has a single personal effect on every life.

It is each person's responsibility to carry their share of the burden as scientists and doctors around the world search for the cure.

Though they are having some success, we are far from the perfect solution.

Donations are being sought by team members across the county. If you can't find a team to make a donation, call Joan Reynolds at 382-2696.

And remember always, the cure is out there.