Listen before you say no

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Pres. George W. Bush will visit Montgomery on Thursday to tout his plan for social security reform.

So far this plan has met total opposition by Democrats and some members of the Republican Party.

Some ranking Washington official said it is because it is the way it is being presented.

For the next six weeks, the president will zig-zag across the country in an attempt to sell his plan to America.

Many people are not comfortable with the idea of messing with Social Security, but then you have to listen to everyone.

What caught our ear recently was when Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said he would consider supporting the plan of allowing private investments.

That's a pretty strong endorsement.

While we are all for the spirited debate of the two parties, we would caution both to make sure they listen to both sides of the coin before making up their minds.

Don't hate the plan simply because it was created by Bush.

Don't love the plan because of the same reason.

When Social Security was first created, who could have thought there would be such a problem in the future?

Instead of not doing anything, the president is trying to change something for the better.

He is trying to find a solution for a social security plan that is leaking faster than the Titanic.

Something has to be done.

That is obvious and we can't afford to wait for the two parties to come to their own agreement.

We would suggest that you request information from both sides on the president's plan and read up on it. Study it. Ask questions.

Then make your mind up.

This is your retirement future we're talking about here and we just hope this problem is healed and gone away when it is our time to draw our Social Security.