SXW moves event to Central-Haynevillle

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday night, wrestling fans in the city of Hayneville will have the opportunity to come out and cheer for the favorite wrestler as Southeastern Extreme Wrestling makes its return.

This time, however, the venue has changed. For the past two months, the Faith In Action Outreach Ministries sponsored event has been held inside the gym of Hayneville Middle School. Saturday night the event will move to the gymnasium of Central High School in Hayneville.

The matches this time around prove to be as brutal as the first two events have been.

Matches on the card for the March 19th event include: "The Irish Blade" Tommy Ladd defending his Lightheavyweight Championship against American Ice as well as the Backstreet Brawler going one on one with the Executioner.

When these two tangled last month, the match ended with the Executioner throwing a ball of fire into the face of the Brawler.

After receiving medical treatment, the Brawler challenged his opponent to an even more extreme match than their last one.

Also, Mark Weiss and the Real Deal Johnathon Godwin didn't show up for the last show, leaving their tag partner and one half of the tag team champions Dustin Michaels to fend for himself against the members of the Death Valley Crew.

The match was set to be Michaels and Big Daddy, one-on-one for the Tag Team Championship under no disqualification rules.

But, Big Daddy's tag partner Blackheart showed up and turned the tables and eventually took the straps from their opponents.

Speaking of tag teams separating, earlier in the night

Showtime and Justin Nuff parted ways due to a three-way dance with Jinx the Joykiller.

Showtime and JN ended up fighting on the floor of the Hayneville Middle School gym until they were separated by the SXW's security staff.

This weekend's

show also plans to have the return of Luke Goldberg, Big John Harley, Death Row, Rouge, the Hollywood Blonde, Primetime,

the Black Angel as well as many other SXW Superstars.

Tickets are $6 and can be bought at the door of the Central High School Gym the night of the event.

Proceeds from Saturday's show will go to benefit the Faith in Action Outreach Ministries of Lowndes County.

Belltime for the March 19 show is set for 8 p.m.