SXW celebrates six years at Hayneville event

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last month the decision was made by the members of Faith in Action Outreach Ministries to move their monthly wrestling show from the Hayneville Middle School Gym to Central High School.

After the minute crowd at Saturday night's show, the decision was made to move the show back to Hayneville Middle.

Despite the small attendance, the show still went on.

Southeastern Extreme Wrestling returned to Hayneville to celebrate its six-year anniversary as an organization. With it came some old faces and some new faces.

The event started with the Commissioner of the SXW, Mr. Kenney standing in the center of the ring to get the crowd pumped up about the event. But, the Death Valley Crew quickly spoiled the party. The DVC are the bad guys of SXW.

"I hadn't been in here five minutes and look what the cat drug in," said Kenny.

The DVC did have a new member with them. Although he was new to Hayneville, he was not new to the SXW.

Kevin, the coordinator of the DVC, had just returned state-side after serving a year in Iraq. With him by their side, the DVC was back at full strength.

After the introduction and trash talking, it was time for the first match of the night.

In a grudge match that began last month at the Hayneville Middle School, the Las Vegas Playa, Justin Nuff took on his former friend and tag team partner Showtime. JN came to the ring with a manager, so Showtime evened the odds by bringing in his new sidekick – 275 lb Unique.

Both wrestlers are very quick and explosive in their moves so that's the pace of the match for the first few minutes, then it moves out side of the ring. A steel chair comes into play with all of the contestants in the match receiving chair shots, Justin Nuff and his manager both took one, as well as Showtime and Unique.

For the second time in the match, the action spills outside of the ring but, the principal contenders make their way back inside. Justin Nuff goes for a chair shot but misses, Showtime responds with a reverse face plant and is able to get the win.

The second match of the night featured two of the SXW's more unique competitors.

Jinx the Joykiller tagged with the Apocalypse to take on Derrick Crawford and the Dude.

Crawford and Joykiller start out and are very evenly matched with Crawford coming away the better of the two.

But, the big man, Apocalypse is tagged in and uses his size and strength to pick up the win. The Dude gets the tag, and cleans house, but is quickly over run by Apocalypse.

Apocalypse puts Crawford on the ground and then lands a big splash to take the match home. The referee counts to three and Joykiller and Apocalypse pick up the victory.

After the match, the Dude exacts some revenge on Joykiller by tackling him and then taking a cheese grater to his face.

But, it was to no avail.

The Joykiller wears a mask.

The Executioner stalked his way to the ring for SXW's third match of the night.

His opponent was the young high-flyer, Dustin Michaels. The match was a contrast in styles with the Executioner wrestling a very slow and deliberate style, while Michaels was quick and explosive. Michaels hit a high-leg clothesline that dropped the big man.

The Executioner whips Michaels into the ropes and tries to hit him with a clothesline, but misses.

Michaels explodes off the rope with a flying clothesline that drops the bigger opponent. Michaels answers with a textbook dropkick once again grounding the Executioner.

Michaels has the momentum clearly in his favor and lands a cross-body from the top rope but only gets a two count.

Executioner goes back on the offensive, but as he does, the Backstreet Brawler comes into the ring and throws a fireball into the face of the Executioner and then begins to work him over as pay back from their match last month.

The stunned big man gets back to his feet, stumbling around and was hit directly on the chin by a super kick. Michaels got the cover and the three count.

The South Outlaw made his debut in front of his hometown crowd. The Outlaw, seconded by Judge John Hulett took on the Blackheart and members of the DVC.

The Blackheart tried to take down the Outlaw early but to no avail. He's finally able to take him down after a low blow. The match was a very physical match, but just like every other match with a DVC member, it's not one-on-one it's three or four on one.

The match spills outside with the Outlaw and Hulett fending off the DVC, Hulett sends both Big Daddy and the Blackheart into the ring post, busting the Blackheart open and then helps the Outlaw clear the ring.

The South Outlaw, has the Blackheart set up for the finisher, but Tommy Ladd of the DVC hits him squarely across the back with a chair.

Despite the outside interference, the South Outlaw is able to pick up his first win as a pro wrestler.

"The Irish Blade" Tommy Ladd came to the ring for the next match of the night, his opponent, Rouge. The match was originally billed as a non-title affair between the SXW Lightheavyweight champion and the National Wrestling Alliance's Northwest Florida Champion.

But, after some goading by Rouge, the match was made a title versus title match.

The match between the lightheavyweights was a very physical match. Rouge and Ladd kept each other grounded with Rouge locking in an armbar to try to wear his opponent down.

Ladd responded by lifting his opponent off the mat and into the air while having the arm bar locked on before slamming Rouge to the mat and breaking the hold.

Rouge regained the momentum and connected with a flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle and then a standing leg drop. When it was clear that the man from Rock'n'Roll Heaven had everything in control, the DVC descended upon the ring to put the momentum back in Ladd's favor.

Rouge hit a flurry of offensive moves and then landed a top-rope leg drop across Ladd's chest. Rouge was able to secure the three-count and picked up the win to become the SXW's new Lightheavyweight champion.

In the night's semi-main event Big Daddy, along with the members of the Death Valley Crew took on the SXW World Heavyweight Champion, Big John Harley.

Despite being outnumber three or four to one for a majority of the match, Harley was able to maintain his championship.

Harley power bombed Ladd and choke slammed the Blackheart and then dropped Big Daddy with a side slam to take the match home and earn the victory.

Harley stood tall in the center of the ring as the DVC hobbled their way to the locker room.

In the final match of the night, the Backstreet Brawler took on Luke Goldberg in a nearly empty Central-Hayneville gym.

The two heavyweights put on a 15 minute match with each man having the advantage but, the Brawler was able to secure the win with a Samoan drop.

After the event, it was announced that the SXW is planning on returning to Hayneville on April 23. The event will be held at the Hayneville Middle School. For more information on the SXW, check out their website,

The event was sponsored by the Lowndes's County Faith in Action Outreach Ministries, a small business incubator for the county.