REF: A true success story

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 25, 2005

Tuesday marked a great day for the county's industrial image as REF Alabama Inc. formally reopened its Greenville plant.

It was just over a year ago that fire ravaged the structure and left many employees wondering if they would have a job. Some city officials wondered if REF would leave altogether.

Owner Paul Flubacher never seemed to have any ideas about the situation other than he wanted his building repaired, his employees in one place and the company's home to remain in the Camellia City.

With the ceremony Tuesday, those wishes came to fruition as employees and state and local officials welcomed REF back home.

After the fire, Flubacher put his employees quickly back to work at alternate locations thanks to help from the Butler County Commission for Economic Development and city leaders.

As an added bonus, Flubacher plans to hire several more people increasing the work force at his plant.

So it is easily seen that from the ashes that he and his employees found in 2003, a stronger company will now rise.

When Flubacher talks about the last year and what his company has gone through, you don't hear sorrow or remorse.

You hear a man who still has a vision for the future and that vision includes making their comeback the best this county has seen.

So to Paul and the entire REF Alabama family for working diligently over the last year to keep the company going and to bring it back better than ever, we offer our sincere congratulations.

Here's to a long, happy, prosperous future in your "new" old surroundings.