County employees deserve our support

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Crenshaw County Commission is currently considering two proposed bills that will increase monies made available for the county's general fund.

One bill would charge a $5 tag issuance fee. All money would go into the county's general fund, with $1 going to the county's volunteer fire departments. The money generated from the other $4 would be held in the general fund and used for salary increases and to update existing computer equipment inside the courthouse.

Another proposed bill would prorate the county's budget. In effect, a percentage of taxes collected by the county for the state, cities, school system, the hospital, etc., would be held back before the money was then distributed to those various entities. This money, also, would be utilized for an increase in salaries and to advance technology.

Generally, people do not respond well to additional fees and taxes placed on them by existing governmental bodies.

In this case, however, the people would be wrong.

Crenshaw County is on a frantic pace of growth and industrial development. According to Commissioner Ronnie Hudson, he has seen statistics that in six years the population of the county will have tripled. Well-trained, experienced and invaluable county workers will not remain working for Crenshaw County if they are not assured the promise of better pay and benefits. Already, a number of county employees have, as was said about Elvis, 'left the building.' That's trained and knowledgeable individuals who have been lost to other businesses or other counties. Some can be replaced. Most can't.

It is our hope that the citizens of Crenshaw County will welcome the two pieces of legislation above. Employees who have spent years with the county deserve our appreciation. And those quality persons looking for a job in Crenshaw County will see that our county government, along with our cities and towns, has made a bold step towards a future filled with promise.