Success in our schools take work by all

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 2, 2005

With Dr. Mike Reed now gone and an interim superintendent in place and a new board member, it is time to focus on finding a new superintendent.

But we do not lay all this on the school board's shoulders.

We also lay it on the parents who have children attending school in this system.

The ultimate success of a school system doesn’t all rely on the faculty, staff, board of education, a superintendent or the grades of its students.

In the end, everyone has to play a part, and we would encourage everyone to do just that.

Instead of pulling up to your child's school and pushing your child out of the vehicle, park your car and go inside and see what you can do to help out.

Spend some time in your child's classroom.

Get to know their teachers.

And we don't limit it to elementary.

Just because your child is old enough to dress himself or herself, doesn't mean you shouldn't still take an active interest in what your child is doing.

Go visit the middle schools and the high schools.

Talk to the teachers there.

Many have over 100 students per day and they may not have the time to call each parent the way an elementary school teacher may have.

One of the biggest things we've heard following shootings at various schools from teachers is that the warning signs were there, but never relayed to the parents.

Or a parent will often go see a teacher when academic harm cannot be stopped.

It's up to you.

Without the involvement of our parents, our schools can never truly be successful or safe. Their success takes involvement from everyone and have you ever seen a team when it really pulls together fail?


So visit your child's school soon and learn something for yourself.

It's the only adult thing to do.