Principal West remains on leave

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 9, 2005

It remains unclear who is investigating Greenville Elementary School’s Joseph West, but it remains a major topic of discussion and for the rumor mill.

On Thursday, Interim Superintendent Wayne Boswell said West remains on paid administrative leave.

That has been his status since August when allegedly mistreated one of his students while paddling a student.

Mike Reed, former superintendent, place West on leave pending an investigation by the Department of Human Resources, which does not comment on whether or not they are even conducting such an investigation.

Last week the rumor mill went to work about the case again but once more the key parties weren’t talking.

Boswell would not say anything more than from what he understands the investigation continues.

&uot;The investigation is ongoing by agencies outside the Butler County Board of Education and he remains on administrative leave,&uot; Boswell said.

&uot;That is the extent of what I can say about it.&uot;

Reed placed West on leave the first week of September.

Assistant Superintendent Allin Whittle has been acting as principal at the school in West’s absence.

Repeated calls to the West home went unreturned.

In December, West told the Advocate he remained focused on God and was ready to return to work once given the okay from the school system.

As of Friday, that permission was still not granted.

&uot;I want to go back,&uot; he said in December. &uot;I’m ready to go back. I miss my children and I want to go back to them.&uot;

The school’s principal said he is waiting on the superintendent who is no longer with the system.