Astros#039; push to 2-0 in Rec-League

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Astros, led by Chase Whiddon with two runs scored, were able to push to 2-0 in Dixie Minor action with a 5-4 win against the Cubs.

Whiddon wasn't the only Astro that provided offensive support:

Chip Lowe tacked on a run in the first and fourth innings, as well as Daniel Hall Autrey with a run in the second. Caleb Christ, Brady Clark, Davis Crocker and Wilson Lowe all reached base in the victory.

For their opponents, Devonta Posey posted a run in the fifth inning along with making it to third base in the third inning.

David Miller singled and advanced to third in the fifth inning, Dylan Jones tacked on a run in the fourth and was followed by Wesley Scott with a run scored on an error, Reggie Bennett reached base on a walk in the third and then Zac Courtney scored in the fifth for the Cubs.

Red Sox 10, White Sox 2

The Red Sox used a seven-run-first inning to put their opponents away early, en route to a 10-2 Dixie Minors victory.

Justin Till led off with a single and went on to score.

Brantley McKeown, Cortez Peagler, Aaron Callen, Corey Folds, Gregory Copley and Shank Simmons all tacked on runs.

Allen Thompson got a mark in the stat book when he walked in the third inning but proceeded to steal both second and third base.

For the White Sox, Paul Whigham and Larry Pritchett recorded the team's only two runs. Casey Tesmer flirted with scoring a run after reaching third in the second and fourth innings. Luke Hutchinson reached base in the fourth on a walk, as well as Caleb Glass.

Dustin Shell doubled in the fifth inning. Joseph Sipper reached after being hit by a pitch.

Astros 10, Red Sox 5

Monday night, the unbeaten Astros and the Red Sox tangled and remained deadlocked at 3-3 through the second inning. From there, it was nothing but a downhill ride for the Sox.

Wilson Lowe scored twice, Chip Tayler tacked on a run, Michael Myers added a pair of runs. Daniel Hall Autrey tacked on a run. Brady Clark and Joseph Reeves each added runs to the winning effort.

For the Red Sox Luke Hamm, James Burkett and Ryan Taylor all tacked on first inning runs. Caleb Whigham scored in the third and Tanner Wesche scored in the fith.