Local options for home remodeling

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2005

April is National Home Improvement Month, and right here in Greenville there are a multitude of choices available to those wanting to improve the look of their homes, whether it’s inside or out.

The days when the choices of flooring were limited to textured or shag carpeting, linoleum or actual hardwood, are long gone, say the experts at Greenville Cash & Carry.

Say goodbye to boring floors

The little secret many Greenvillians are not aware of is the room in the back of the store that harbors a bountiful variety of flooring samples, from carpeting and natural limestone to vinyl and wood-look laminates.

&uot;Anything that looks like natural stone is very popular right now, whether it’s slate, limestone, terracotta or marble. The ceramic tile look is also quite popular,&uot; says Jody Slagley, an employee of the business.

While the business also carries the actual natural stone and ceramic tiles, for many people, the more affordable way to get the same look is through the latest vinyl flooring.

&uot;For example, Armstrong makes a vinyl flooring that looks identical to a ceramic tile from a short distance – it’s amazing,&uot; Slagley says.

For those who want the look of a hardwood floor without the expense, new laminates are available that, in color, texture and grain, are near perfect mimics of the real thing. The laminates are available in oak, maple, pecan, beech, pine, cherry and other wood looks to suit the homeowner’s taste.

Danny Harris, a 35-year veteran of Cash & Carry, can also assist with flooring needs.

If new carpeting is what you need, Harris encourages you to check out the latest carpet style sensation, the Frieze (pronounced &uot;Friz-hay&uot;). Frieze style carpeting is a highly twisted, cut pile carpeting suited for high traffic areas.

&uot;The short fibers curl in different directions to hide footprints and vacuum marks,&uot; says Harris.

The trend nowadays, Slagley says, is for homeowners to put carpeting in their bedrooms but go with other flooring options for more high traffic areas.

&uot;Most people – unless they have allergies – like the plushness of carpeting in their bedrooms. But they are often going for laminated flooring, ceramic tile or hardwood in places like the entryway, kitchen, hallway, dining room and den. Few people opt for wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house these days,&uot; she says.

Beautiful baths and

attractive kitchens

There are new options to create some very striking-looking baths in your home. &uot;Cultured marble makes a really beautiful bath and it’s something new we’re seeing offered to us. Of course, we still do ceramic tile showers and we’re seeing people choose to decorate their garden tubs with tiles, also.

Ceramic tile backsplashes are also popular around the garden tubs. There are also ceramic tiles that mimic the look of the cultured marble at less expense,&uot; says Slagley.

There are also new options in finishes for regular and roman tub faucets, knobs, cabinet pulls, all types of door handles, even light fixtures. she says. &uot;There are tons of new finishes out there to choose from – it’s not just chrome and brass anymore. The Venetian bronze finish and the satin nickel are two of the most popular new looks out there right now. You can get these looks for both kitchen and bath,&uot; Slagley explains.

As for kitchen makeovers, &uot;ceramic tile backsplashes are still popular in kitchens, along with real granite countertops,&uot; she says. Ceramic tiles and laminates mimicking granite and other natural stones are also frequently seen.

How does your garden grow?

If your home’s lawn and garden needs some special attention, you might want to turn to Randy Beeson and his staff at Fred’s of Greenville. The business has an extensive variety of lawn and garden supplies, tools and plants and flowers and shrubs of all kinds, says manager Randy Beeson.

In fact, &uot;I am the number one horticulturist in Butler County – we grow more than 8,000 shrubs each year on asphalt,&uot; quips the store manager.

&uot;We carry all varieties of holly shrubs including Helleri, Compacta, Ilex Compacta, Yaupan and others. We also have Variegated Privet,

Leyland Cypress, Green Wax, Yellow Wax and Red Tips – what some folks call ‘red tops’ –

that are fast growing shrubs,&uot; says Beeson.

And that’s just the beginning of what the store has to offer gardeners.

&uot;We’ve got all varieties of azaleas, including Pride of Mobile, Hindo Girl, Red Sherwood and others in both one and three gallon containers, along with ground runners, Blue Pacifics, gardenias, and we have hanging ferns and baskets and, of course, bedding plants,&uot; says Beeson.

Among the flowers that can add color and fragrance to a home garden found at Fred’s include petunias, vincas, begonias, marigolds, clovis, impatiens, zinnias and lantanas.

If you’re in a mood to plant some veggies, Beeson says they will have no less than eight varieties of tomatoes to offer customers, including Big Boy and Sweet 100s, along with squash, cabbage, eggplant, collards, peppers of all kinds and okra.

There are also fruit and flowering trees to choose from, including magnolia, live oak, crape myrtle, red maple and others.

&uot;If you need any bagged goods, we’ve got them all – top soil, potting soil, organic humus, mulches of all types, rocks, even play sand for the kids to enjoy,&uot; says Beeson.

As for the ‘lawn rangers’ out there, &uot;we have any kind of push mower from self-propelled to big wheel to choose from,&uot; says Beeson.

Inside the store, there is an abundance of tools, planters, spring bulbs and packaged seeds.

&uot;We are the number one plant seller in the city – we offer a great variety and the prices are very competitive,&uot; says Beeson.