R.L. Austin#039;s Hartin always has positive attitude in classroom

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 23, 2005

Youngsters need a good start in life to realize their potential as they grow up and go out into the world.

Delphine Hartin, a 25-year veteran of the classroom, would heartily agree with that concept. Hartin is not only the R.L. Austin Elementary School Teacher of the Year, she also happens to have the honor of having been selected Butler County’s Elementary

Teacher of the Year.

&uot;I have a love for children,&uot; the kindergarten teacher


Hartin, a Butler County native who was born in Greenville , graduated from Georgiana High and went on to receive her B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education from Troy State University.

Hartin obtained her Master’s and AA Degrees from AUM and did additional graduate work on the doctoral level at Auburn University.

She says she was inspired to pursue teaching as a profession because of how much she enjoyed working with young children.

&uot;I have always wanted to make things better for other people and help them – and I have a lot of patience, too, and you definitely need that with children,&uot; Hartin laughs.

Hartin started her career teaching in Mobile, After a year, she came back to Butler County to R.L. Austin to teach and has been there ever since. One of her greatest role models during her early years in the classroom was a fellow teacher named Christine Moses.

&uot;Christine and I both taught first grade at the time and she was a great help to me. We taught for many years together before she retired,&uot; Hartin says.

Hartin is married to Jerry Hartin, county commissioner for District 1. The couple have two sons, Caleb, a senior at Georgiana High and Jacob, a junior at the school.

Hartin is proud to note Caleb is the school’s valedictorian for 2005 and Jacob &uot;does really well with his studies, too.&uot; She says both the boys are very interested in pursuing careers in the engineering field.

Hartin is a member of the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church where she works with the youth group. &uot;Both of my children play piano at the church and they also sing in the choir,&uot; she adds.

She has also been active with the local Boy Scout troop and has done &uot;a lot of work&uot; with the school’s athletic association, she says.

With two athletic and brainy sons, Hartin says sports have kept the family very busy this year.

This busy wife, mom and teacher just may have the secret of being successful not only in teaching, but also in life.

&uot;You have to start out with a very positive attitude each morning, and say, ‘There are wonderful things I am going to do with these children today.’

&uot;To succeed in teaching, you need lots of patience and a really great attitude – and be aware you are truly making a difference,&uot; Hartin says.