Burkett tosses one-hitter in Red Sox win over the A#039;s

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 9, 2005

Red Sox pitcher Todd Burkett tossed a one-hit shutout Friday to close out the Red Sox' season with a 12-1 record to capture the Dixie Youth title.

Jeremy McGinley, Stephen Till and Burkett scattered two hits to lead the Red Sox. McGinley's two hits were for doubles each time, while Till and Burkett each had one double.

Jackson Mimms and Michael Gregory added a hit each for the Red Sox.

Josh Ray had the only hit of the game for the A's, which finishes its season with a 7-7 record.

Braves 8, Cardinals 2

The Braves scored a run in each inning but the fifth to close out the season to take sole possession of second place in the Dixie Youth League.

Justin Lee scattered two hits to pace the Braves. Miller Owens, Nathan Branum and Tucker Harrell added a hit and a RBI each.

Jonathon Scott had a hit and a RBI to lead the Cardinals. Cody Tesmer, Hunter Armstrong and Stuart Matthews added a hit each for the Cardinals.

Mets 6, Rangers 4

Ozell Carter scattered two hits to lead the Mets past the Rangers in the Dixie Youth season finale.

Brandon Smith and Gray Vinson each had a double for the Mets, which finishes the season with a 4-10 record.

Charlie Scofield, Mitch Young and Jerome Cook had a hit each for the Rangers.

Dixie Majors

Yankees 9, Nationals 2

The Yankees scored four runs in the third inning to close out an easy win over the Fort Deposit Nationals on Friday.

Chuck Barrett led the Yankees with a double and two runs scored.

Dewayne Wiley and Mortin Scott scored a run each for the Nationals.

A's 6, Red Sox 5

Kyle Nelson's delivered a RBI single with no out in the bottom of the sixth inning to lift the A's over the Red Sox on Monday at Beeland Park.

Nelson finished the day with two hits, including the game-winner. Brad Heartsill had a double and scored the winning run.

Cory Ausdrau had a RBI triple to lead the Red Sox.

Yankees 11, Rangers 3

The Yankees scored five runs in the fourth inning to go on to crush the Rangers.

Daniel Hartley led the Yankees with two doubles and a RBI, while Derrick Rhodes had two doubles.

Andy Betterton scored two of the Rangers' three runs.

JR/SR Softball

Chicks 12, Ballers 6

Tara Gibson scattered three hits to lead the Chicks past the Ballers on Friday at the Greenville Softball Complex.

Anna Nelson chipped in with two hits, including a home run in the fourth inning. Debra Tolbert also had two hits.

Iesha McCall, Nikki Powell and Renisha Gardner had two hits each to lead the Ballers.

Dixie Minors

Orioles 10, Red Sox 1

Cade Tillery scattered two hits, including a triple to lead the Orioles to an easy win over the Red Sox on Monday.

Brian Kirby followed with a triple and a run scored, while Toby King had a hit and a run scored.

Ryan Taylor had the only hit for the Red Sox and scored the only run.

Astros 13, Cubs 4

The Astros jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first inning and didn't look back to blast the Cubs.

Davis Crocker and Chase Whiddon led the Astros with two hit and two runs scored, while Brady Clark chipped in a hit.

Seth Glass led the Cubs with two hits, while Wesley Scott and Terrance Owens added a double each.

Mite League

Indians 12, Giants 3

The Indians scored eight runs in the fourth inning to turn a close game into a blowout on Monday.

Ryan Burkett led the Indians with two doubles, while Colby Booker had a double and triple.

Austin Brown and Donte Lee smacked solo home runs for the Giants.

Pirates 5, Dodgers 2

Cole Davis and Kenny Harden scattered two hits to lead the Pirates over the Dodgers.

Samiro Quan Crenshaw, Zack Gaston, Timmy McCall and Brandon Johnson each had two hits for the Dodgers.