United Fund slates allocation meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Those seeking monies from the Butler County United Fund (BCUF) need to mark their calendars for Tuesday, July 12.

That's the day the annual BCUF Admission and Allocation Meeting will be held at Greenville City Hall.

The meeting will kick off at 5:30 p.m. All those seeking funds for 2006 are asked to be present.

Participants will also need to come prepared.

"We are asking two things of all those seeking funds, whether they have received funds from us in the past, or are newly seeking our assistance," said Alice McGhee, secretary-treasurer of the BCUF.

McGhee went on to explain the requirements.

"First, they will need to be able to explain what last year's funds were used for, and/or what they expect to use any new funding for.

"And, second of all, they must bring a list of at least six pre-contacted volunteer workers who will help with the BCUF Campaign, including those volunteers' addresses and telephone numbers," McGhee said.

All those who received funding last year should have received an official letter stating the criteria for seeking an allocation this year, McGhee said.

"Of course, anyone seeking funding needs to be able to demonstrate theirs is a truly worthy cause, one benefiting the community," she added.

Twenty-two local agencies from across the county received funding from the BCUF last year.

"That's not counting the one-time donations we were able to make last year to such projects as the McKenzie Playground, the Georgiana and McKenzie Youth Programs and the South Butler County Rescue Service," McGhee said.

The BCUF wants local citizens to know it lives up to its name.

"All the monies raised for our United Fund stay here in Butler County. We are a completely separate entity from the United Way, and we want to make that clear to everyone," McGhee said.

Ronnie Paulk will be the new Butler County United Fund chair for 2005-2006, while Susan Murphy will serve as the drive chairman.