Army mobilizes local unit

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 2, 2005

The ongoing conflict in Iraq hit home this week, one day after

President Bush said America needed to keep troops there.

The 117th National Guard Artillery Unit based in Andalusia was placed on alert status according to a National Guard spokesman.

Alabama National Guard officials announced the Department of the Army issued mobilization orders for three Army Guard units.

The units included Battery B, 1st Battalion, 117th Field Artillery Regiment.

Approximately 140 Guard members assigned to the battalion will report for active duty in support missions in Germany and Iraq.

Although the Guard unit is based in Luverne, some personnel from other units

within the battalion will cross-level into the battery for support.

The battalion is headquartered in Andalusia with units in Citronelle, Greenville and Geneva .

Instead of performing an artillery mission, the battery will have a transportion mission of moving supplies and equipment in Iraq.

Those mobilized will undergo extensive training at a mobilization station before deploying overseas.

The unit will report to active duty sometime in July and August and is expected to spend at least a year supporting operations in Germany and Iraq.

The Guard spokesman said there will

be an announce plan for deployment ceremonies for the unit before it departs for its mobilization stations.

This will mark the first time the the 117th Battalion has seen active duty since the Korean War.