United Fund announces agencies to be funded

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 22, 2005

Twenty-two area agencies will be receiving monies through the United Fund of Butler County, Inc., in the coming year. Following last Tuesday's allocation meeting at City Hall, the United Fund Allocations Committee approved funding for the following agencies:

Greenville Area YMCA, Safe Harbor, South Butler Volunteer Rescue, Butler Activity and Training Center, Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Georgiana Youth Activities, McKenzie Youth Activities, 4-H Club, Underprivileged Children's Emergency Fund, Goodwill Industries, Greenville Recreation/Dunbar Center, Food Bank, Greenville-Butler County Public Library, Family Medical/Foster Children, Children's Music Enrichment Program of Greenville and Georgiana, Children's Depot, Joseph Ministries, Butler County Boys and Girls Club, Butler County Foster Parent Fund and Every Child Deserves a Chance.

"We had a good turnout for the meeting, and we are very excited about what these agencies and organizations have done, and will continue to do, for our communities in this county," Alice McGee, secretary-treasurer for the county's United Fund, said.

After many years of shooting for a $50,000 goal, the committee has decided to take a higher aim.

"We are going to be very optimistic this year, and plan to raise $55,000 as our goal," McGee said.

The 2005-2006 United Fund Campaign is scheduled to kick off in September, with time and date still to be determined.

"We want to remind everyone these monies do go back into this county to help our own people. And unlike some charitable organizations, we have no major overhead – so very little of the funds we raise go to anything, or anybody, but these local agencies, and the people they serve," McGee said.

United Fund Drive Chairman Susan Murphy says volunteers are needed throughout the county to help raise these monies.

"We also appreciate all the businesses with managers or owners, who encourage their employees to be a part of this fund drive. When the top people get enthusiastic about United Fund, so do the people inside their company," Murphy said.

The drive chairman also wants to remind the public, when everyone gives a little, it can helps a lot of people.

"We ask folks to contribute the equivalent of, say, one hour's pay for 12 months, or a dollar a week. That's not a great deal, especially when you think of all the good you can do with those funds," Murphy said.

Both Murphy and McGee say they are eager to get started with this year's campaign – and hope it's clear skies ahead for the fund drive.

"We got off to a rocky, late start last year after Hurricane Ivan came to town – so we are keeping our fingers crossed it will be much smoother sailing this time around," Murphy said with a smile.