Eagles could resort to #039;Plan B#039;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 6, 2005

It's almost three weeks before the start of the football season and Fort Dale Academy coach James "Speed" Sampley may have to move to scrap the Eagles' new Gulf Coast offense.

The center is a key component to the new offense, which requires a sideways snap to the man in motion. If that snap isn't there, then there is no play.

"It's going to come down to if we can't get (the snap) down in the next six to eight days, then we'll have to abandon (the offense)," Sampley said.

Right now three players have been battling for the starting job, but Sampley said that none have overwhelmingly won the job. Clay Milton and Jeremy Huckaba have been working at center since the start of practice, while Cory Johnson is expected to be out at least two more weeks after breaking his tailbone and having surgery.

"I don't think we've had enough time and with people being hurt," said offensive line coach Clint Lowery. "We'll have a fixed scrimmage next Friday against Wilcox (Academy), and that will be the final say so. If (Sampley) feels like no one can do it, we'll have to go to plan B."

Johnson isn't the only offensive lineman that has been sidelined, either.

The junior guard/center is one of six offensive linemen who are out with injuries.

The injuries range from back problems to a broken leg.

Those who are out with injury include:

n Junior guard Tyler Lowe is out at least a week with a bruised kidney.

n Senior tackle Josh Waller is out three to four days with back problems.


Senior tackle John Lewis Golson is out a few days with a back injury.


Junior tackle Cory Causey is out at least three weeks with a broken foot.

n Senior tight end Aaron Blackmon is out three weeks after suffering a broken leg during spring drills.

"We're playing with who we've got left," explained Lowery. "Right now it's offensive line by committee and most of those guys also play linebacker, so we're thin there, too."

Even with a thin offensive line, the Eagles have had two controlled scrimmages so far. Fort Dale went through a 25-play controlled scrimmage on Thursday. The Eagles then went through another controlled scrimmage on Friday.