McFerrin did the right thing!

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 12, 2005

Usually when you think of judges, you pictured those like you see on the high profile cases like Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson.

You have to wonder what type of book deal they'll make in the years ahead over being the sitting judge, or what network will snatch them up to be legal pundits.

That is not likely to happen in the case of Circuit Judge H. Edward McFerrin.

On Friday, the reality of justice settled into the courtroom in Crenshaw County when McFerrin with a steady and firm voice informed Westley Devon Harris that he will die for the murders of six members of a Crenshaw County family.

The work of the jury was done when it adjourned weeks ago and it was

up to McFerrin. He could have spared him and sentenced him to life, but he told Harris and a passle of legal minds that he believed under Alabama law, Harris had to die for the crimes.

We know Judge McFerrin did not take this responsibility lightly.

He told Harris that he had prayed about it, and we believe he did so fervently.

We imagine that the judge has probably lost a few nights of sleep wrestling with this decision.

To him, we say that we are proud to know a man of his intelligence, caliber, integrity and humanity is our circuit's sitting judge.

This was by far one of the most heinous crimes in our area's history and as we've said in this space before, Harris deserves to die for his actions.

We're sure there are those who disagree with our position here, but we ask you this simple question.

If you were in the victim's shoes and you had been murdered, wouldn't you want your killer to have the ultimate punishment for the crime?

We don't like having to cover murders, the following trials and ultimately the sentencing, but justice is justice and we, like Judge McFerrin, believe it will be served when Harris breathes his last.